What People Are Saying
  • This book is perfect because most people are either scared of roughhousing or don't know the limit. - RUTH
  • Our wrestling is basically a big bear hug with a little pushing from her until I 'fall' over but it's great! We both laugh a lot and it's a nice way to connect when one of us is out of sorts. - AMELIA, playful mom
  • The Art of Roughhousing is 'An inspired defense of roughhousing! I guarantee that if you read just a few pages of this book, you’ll be down on the floor wrestling and laughing with your children.' - MICHAEL THOMPSON, Ph.D.
  • When things are tough with our oldest, a session of roughhousing makes all the difference. We give him lots of holds to wriggle out of and we all end up giggling - PHILLIP
  • We had an excellent time at the workshop. I would love to see something like this offered on a regular basis. - TRACY, an Art of Roughhousing event participant
  • Roughhousing builds children¹s leadership by building their empathy and their confidence. If you start it in your family as a tradition, your children will deeply benefit, and so will you. - PATTY WIPFLER, Hand in Hand Parenting
  • I'm strong, I can knock over my Dad! - RYAN, age 4

Anthony and Larry guest post on Family Fit Together. Thanks Sarah!   http://fitfamilytogether.com/roughhouse-kids-good  


An oldie, but goodie, the Timber “trust-fall” is quick, easy, and loads of fun!  Kneel down on both of your knees and yell “Timber!” as your child falls into your lap with the help of your arms.  Posted on 1/21/2013, in honor of MLK – whose message was love – which in essence means trust.  […]

We salute Neil Armstrong, one of our heroes, who wasn’t afraid to take risks or leap into the unknown. In his honor, consider moonwalking with your child this week. Pretend the two of you are Neil and Buzz. Leap off a porch or sidewalk and then bounce around as if you were on the moon!

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