What People Are Saying
  • This book is perfect because most people are either scared of roughhousing or don't know the limit. - RUTH
  • Our wrestling is basically a big bear hug with a little pushing from her until I 'fall' over but it's great! We both laugh a lot and it's a nice way to connect when one of us is out of sorts. - AMELIA, playful mom
  • The Art of Roughhousing is 'An inspired defense of roughhousing! I guarantee that if you read just a few pages of this book, you’ll be down on the floor wrestling and laughing with your children.' - MICHAEL THOMPSON, Ph.D.
  • When things are tough with our oldest, a session of roughhousing makes all the difference. We give him lots of holds to wriggle out of and we all end up giggling - PHILLIP
  • We had an excellent time at the workshop. I would love to see something like this offered on a regular basis. - TRACY, an Art of Roughhousing event participant
  • Roughhousing builds children¹s leadership by building their empathy and their confidence. If you start it in your family as a tradition, your children will deeply benefit, and so will you. - PATTY WIPFLER, Hand in Hand Parenting
  • I'm strong, I can knock over my Dad! - RYAN, age 4

by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D. and Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D.   Since 1897, incoming cadets at West Point Academy (known as plebes) have celebrated the completion of their intensive summer training with a free-for-all pillow fight. Who knew? Last week we learned that in this summer’s fight, instead of wearing helmets—as required because of injuries […]

Anthony and Larry guest post on Family Fit Together. Thanks Sarah!   http://fitfamilytogether.com/roughhouse-kids-good  


An oldie, but goodie, the Timber “trust-fall” is quick, easy, and loads of fun!  Kneel down on both of your knees and yell “Timber!” as your child falls into your lap with the help of your arms.  Posted on 1/21/2013, in honor of MLK – whose message was love – which in essence means trust.  […]

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