A “Mother’s Day” Post from Anthony’s Mom

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By Karen DeBenedet

When raising my son in the late 70’s I did not appreciate the value of roughhousing that took place when he and his dad teamed up in the family room.  I often turned my back and left the room.  This is hard stuff for an ER nurse who was often on the receiving end of childhood accidents and injuries.  As I reflect now I can only recall a single injury that I saw in the ER that was due to roughhousing and that was the “nursemaid’s” elbow.   Bicycles, skateboards, and sports-related injuries were much more common.  

As the grandmother of three princess granddaughters I had my same old reaction to my son’s playtime activity with his girls.  After some lengthy discussions with their father—I get it, believe it and affirm roughhousing.  Appreciate the new insight.  Nice job on the book son. –Proud Mom

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