An Appreciation of Patty Wipfler

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“Children function best when they feel connected to someone who cares about them. Play, laughter, roughhousing, cuddling, and warm, enthusiastic attention all build a child’s sense of connection with us.” 

— Patty Wipfler, the founder of Hand In Hand Parenting

On Thursday July 28, 2011, from 9-10 pm Eastern Daylight Time, I will join Patty on a Hand in Hand teleseminar about the benefits of roughhousing, especially for highly active children (and their exasperated parents!).  The teleseminar is free but advance registration is required at  Please call in.

It’s a great honor for me to share the stage with Patty, since she has been my mentor and teacher ever since I first met her 21 years ago, when my daughter was a baby and we went to one of her amazing family workshops.  Since then I have read and reread all of her writings (these are available—many of them for free—at and I have attended as many workshops as I could.  Among the things I’ve learned from her are:  how to reach out to an angry child; the importance of listening to children’s tears and fears; the value of one-on-one special time; the problem with time-outs (and what to do instead); and most of all, the value of roughhousing.  She conveys an incredible admiration and compassion for every parent, no matter how big the struggles they face.  And she’s an Olympic-level pillow fighter!  So check out her articles, books, podcasts and recordings.

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