Baby You Can Drive My Car

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Thanks to Louise – a mom in North Carolina – for this move!

You are car, laying on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor, and one hand in the air.  Your child sits on your knees with their feet on your belly (this game is suitable for ages 2-7).  Your hand is the steering wheel, and each fingertip is a different button. One is the horn, one is the radio, one is the windshield wipers, one is the blinker, and one is the surprise Kaboom! button.  Whichever button they press, you act out that activity, singing for the radio, beeping for the horn, waving your arms back and forth for windshield wipers, and opening your knees for an exciting Kaboom!  Some children like to be surprised, so you can vary which button causes which reaction.  Other children want to be in charge with what sounds you make—and especially when the kaboom comes—so tell them which button is which and don’t crash them unless they ask for it. On a bed or with pillows under your knees the kaboom can be quite rapid, on a hard floor you ca control the descent with your knees.
Beep beep!

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