The Balancing Trick

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Anne from Louisville, KY, shared this move, which she and her six year old daughter call The Balancing Trick.  One thing I loved about Anne’s description is that her daughter often asks for this game when she is feeling nervous or upset.  She seems to have discovered intuitively the link between roughhousing and emotional balance!

“The Balancing Trick is when I lie on my back on the bed with my knees bent and my toes up against the wall.  She holds my hands and stands with one foot on each of my knees.  As she gets her balance she stands upright and lets go of my hands.  When she feels totally balanced she directs me to do different tricks while she tries to keep her balance.  One is ‘splits,’ where I slowly separate my knees causing her feet to go apart almost into a split, and then back together again.  Sometimes she asks to do it slowly and sometimes faster.  Another trick is ‘wiggles’ where I just sort of shake my knees quickly back and forth.  The third one we do is ‘turns’ and for that one I just lean both knees together to one side and the other, in a slalom sort of motion.  I usually put at least 2 pillows on my stomach because when she falls off, which is her favorite part, she often falls right onto my belly and I imagine that would be very painful without the pillows.  We have a king size bed so it is big enough for her to have room to fall to either side  without hurting anything.  Having the wall at her back helps her to keep her from falling backwards.”

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