Faulty Elevator

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Rio Aug-22-07 005

Many thanks to Amanda from the United Kingdom for passing on this gem!

The Faulty Elevator.

Our 2 year old son loves going in the lifts in our local shopping centre, and likes to recreate the experience at home. It’s great for me because I can play while enjoying a cup of tea and a sit down! It goes like this:

I sit on the sofa with knees apart, and feet twisted towards each other so the toes touch. Little lad presses an imaginary button to call the lift. The doors open (feet move apart), he steps inside and the doors close. He presses the imaginary button inside, and my feet move up ‘to the next floor’. Doors open, he steps out and the whole thing repeats ad lib. The whole thing is accompanied by┬ásound effects: whooshes, zooms and dings.

But then the lift develops a fault and goes bonkers – doors open and close randomly, trapping him in the doors, the lift goes up and down madly, sound effects get wilder, you get the idea. Lots of wild shrieks and giggles. As he gets older, I think we’ll open the doors to find exciting things outside. Maybe get stuck in the lift with interesting people / animals / aliens. As I get stronger I can lift up up with my legs under his armpits… Can’t wait.

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