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An oldie, but goodie, the Timber “trust-fall” is quick, easy, and loads of fun!  Kneel down on both of your knees and yell “Timber!” as your child falls into your lap with the help of your arms.  Posted on 1/21/2013, in honor of MLK – whose message was love – which in essence means trust.  […]

There is no doubt that moms and dads have unique, perhaps genetically determined, strengths when it comes to parenting.   Nobody would challenge this and we’ve known this for eons.  I think what’s interesting is that we can really no longer rely on solely these “genetic” strengths to get us through our days as parents. More dads […]

We were out to dinner with some friends the other night (kids included) and the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (by Amy Chua) came up. Chua is a Yale Law School professor and Battle Hymn is her memoir of her childhood and parenting experiences. She describes a very intense parenting style rooted in countless hours of academic and musical study. She essentially makes the case that for years Asian parents have mindfully executed a proven formula (academic success = societal success = happiness) and western parents need to toughen up and get on board.

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Take your child on a hot-air balloon ride!                                    


Thanks for the great event LFC families!  Here are a few photos from the workshop.                      

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