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May 17, 2011 marks the worldwide release of The Art of Roughhousing – the book that is turning parenting upside down, literally! Quirk Books, Larry, and I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for the book and roughhousing in general. Thank you for coming to our pre-launch events, spreading the word about healthy, rowdy […]

By Karen DeBenedet

When raising my son in the late 70’s I did not appreciate the value of roughhousing that took place when he and his dad teamed up in the family room. I often turned my back and left the room. This is hard stuff for an ER nurse who was often on the receiving end of childhood accidents and injuries. As I reflect now I can only recall a single injury that I saw in the ER that was due to roughhousing and that was the “nursemaid’s” elbow. Bicycles, skateboards, and sports-related injuries were much more common.

In this activity, you and your child will eject, one at a time, from doomed fighter jets. To play, one person bounces on the bed, building up height and momentum, while the nonbouncer makes fighter-plane sounds and then shoots the other person down, triggering the need to deploy the ejection seat.

First Steps Ann Arbor Event – 4/16/2011

Blue School Event – NYC 4/2/2011

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