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In addition to my work with children and parents I have seen a lot of adults in psychotherapy.  Not one of them has ever said to me, “I wish my parents hadn’t been so playful when I was growing up. I got too many bruises and scrapes roughhousing with them.”  Never!  On the other hand, […]

One of my favorite roughhousing moves–Force Field Hands–doesn’t look like roughhousing at all.  Stand or kneel facing your child, with both palms out in front of you, not quite touching your child’s palms.  Focus on that space between your hands until you both feel a tingling, or some heat, or a slight pressure building.  That’s […]

Some people have all the fun. Anthony Pellegrini, PhD  is one of those people, at least from our perspective here at <>. Dr. Pellegrini is a psychology professor at the University of Minnesota, and he’s our hero because he makes his living studying things like recess!  Even better, his research confirms what roughhousers already guessed:  […]

When interviewers and reporters ask us about The Art of Roughhousing, two questions come up most frequently: Is it safe? and Do people really need a book about roughhousing? Yes and yes!  Here’s why. Is roughhousing safe? Like any contact sport—in fact, like any aspect of life—there are some risks associated with roughhousing.  However, most […]

Ruth Gottesman Cohen was an early childhood educator, a play therapist, and a pioneer in parent education and support. And my mom. In honor of mother’s day, I have collected some of her wisdom:

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