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Many thanks to Amanda from the United Kingdom for passing on this gem! The Faulty Elevator. Our 2 year old son loves going in the lifts in our local shopping centre, and likes to recreate the experience at home. It’s great for me because I can play while enjoying a cup of tea and a […]

We love the book 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do), by Gever Tulley and Julie Spiegler, New American Library, 2009.   We love it because it’s so fun and such a contradiction to the “Safety Only” mentality that we are seeing more and more.  And we like it because when people think […]

Many thanks to Mark and his son for sharing this great move with us! Mark adds that practice is *key* before going live. “I my son lay on his back on my queen size bed, feet at the edge of the bed on one side, head towards the center of the bed.  I reach out and grab […]

Anne from Louisville, KY, shared this move, which she and her six year old daughter call The Balancing Trick.  One thing I loved about Anne’s description is that her daughter often asks for this game when she is feeling nervous or upset.  She seems to have discovered intuitively the link between roughhousing and emotional balance! […]

This move is from a family at the Blue School in NYC. It became a big hit during a recent roughhousing workshop/playday at the school. The parent holds one end of a long pillow, and swings it toward the head or the feet of the child (it’s even more fun with two or more children). Before the pillow gets […]

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