by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D. and Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D.   Since 1897, incoming cadets at West Point Academy (known as plebes) have celebrated the completion of their intensive summer training with a free-for-all pillow fight. Who knew? Last week we learned that in this summer’s fight, instead of wearing helmets—as required because of injuries […]

Anthony and Larry guest post on Family Fit Together. Thanks Sarah!   http://fitfamilytogether.com/roughhouse-kids-good  

We salute Neil Armstrong, one of our heroes, who wasn’t afraid to take risks or leap into the unknown. In his honor, consider moonwalking with your child this week. Pretend the two of you are Neil and Buzz. Leap off a porch or sidewalk and then bounce around as if you were on the moon!

Many thanks to Portia, Liza, and our friends at KaBOOM for this guest post! We are really excited about this year’s playground challenge! Parents should play too As the national nonprofit KaBOOM! kicks off its 2012 Summer Playground Challenge — which challenges families to explore as many playgrounds as you can this summer and offers […]

We love the book 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do), by Gever Tulley and Julie Spiegler, New American Library, 2009.   We love it because it’s so fun and such a contradiction to the “Safety Only” mentality that we are seeing more and more.  And we like it because when people think […]

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