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Get Started with Your Kids

Whether you’re a roughhousing veteran or a rookie just getting started, there are a few key principles to keep in mind when you’re getting started with your kids.

  1. Look for every opportunity to build your child’s confidence by encouraging her to be strong and powerful.  Role reversal is a great way to do this; let her be the monster, scary dog or champion wrestler, while you play the bumbling and fumbling counterpart.
  2. The mental part of roughhousing can be summed up very simply:  Extra enthusiasm, extra energy, and extra exuberance.  When in doubt, follow this mantra.
  3. There is a natural arc of active physical play, which starts with calmness, rises into activation, reaches a peak of super excitement, and then winds down.  Pay attention to where your child is on this arc at all times.
  4. Safe roughhousing comes from knowledge and practice, but despite our best precautions, accidents will occasionally happen.  Always seek medical attention if you’ve got a gut feeling a serious injury occurred.
  5. If you do something that makes your child laugh, do it again.


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