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Submit to the Roughhousing Lab

Welcome to the Roughhousing Lab!  Like any good lab, this is a space for you to experiment with new roughhousing moves and activities that others enjoy as well as submit your own.  Here you’ll also find a sampling of some stuff from the book as well as a Move of the Week.

You can submit either videos, still pictures (photos or illustrations), or text-only descriptions to the roughhousing lab.  We encourage you to include a written description of your move/activity with your video/picture submissions.

Once you submit, check back in a week or so to see your idea in action!

Video submissions:

– The easiest way to submit a video is to download it onto Youtube (we recommend creating, if you don’t already have one, your own Youtube Channel) and then email the link for your video to us via our “Contact” form on this site or to

– You can also create a movie file and email it to us at  This method is more cumbersome since most email programs won’t send large movie files.

Picture submissions:

-Email your picture files to

Text-only submissions:

-Email your description to us ( or send it to us via our “Contact” form on this site.


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